Because we make things well, and to make them last, many of our products come with a Lifetime Guarantee.  Currently the following products carry the Lifetime Guarantee:

  • Aero Cocktail Spoon
  • Wingman Cocktail Spoon
  • Napier Jigger

What is covered by the Lifetime Guarantee?

We guarantee that our products will not break or come apart, or otherwise become unusable during normal course of use. Our cocktail spoons will not break, the Wingman spoon (though it spins) will not come apart, and the handles will not come off our Napier Jiggers. 

What is not covered by the Lifetime Guarantee?

We do not guarantee our products against negligent use, which may include using the tools in a manner that is not consistent with normal use (measuring, stirring, mixing, and serving beverages). Normal use does not include things like using a spoon as an ice-pick or in an active blender, or using the jigger as a doorstop. Respect your tools, and they will last you the rest of your life. 

We do not guarantee plated finishes (e.g. copper, gold, silver, and other plated alloys) against heavy wear and tear. While we always plate our barware to have a durable finish (most barware brands use "flash-plating," intended to change color only and not provide a durable coating), after repetitive use some tools will begin to show wear on the finish.  The life of the finish can be extended by following proper Care & Cleaning guidelines, especially in terms of avoiding abrasive cleaning agents.

We do not guarantee any glassware against breaking.  If we could, we would!  But glass, unfortunately, does break. 

How do I claim the Lifetime Guarantee?

Send us your broken or defective tool with the following information:

  1. How long you have owned and used the item
  2. Briefly describe the circumstances under which the item broke
  3. Provide a return or mailing address for the replacement item
  4. Any other feedback you'd like to provide is most welcome!

Send the above information and your broken item to:

Standard Spoon Barware

PO Box 34198

San Diego CA 92163